Matrículas de Máquinas

Deliberation nº 258/2015, published on March 6, 2015 in Diário da República, determines the mandatory registration until 12/31/2015, for all types of industrial machines which circulate on the public road, and for which it had not been yet assigned a deadline for the registration

Thus, the process of assigning registration to industrial machines of all types contained in Annex I of the Regulation for the Assignment of Registration to Industrial Machines, approved by Decree-Law No. 107/2006 , of 6 June, is concluded .

2AB provides this service to its customers in order to register all the machines under their representation and other brands. This service includes:

- Application for national approval;

- Application for registration assignment;

- Records at the respective registry office;

- All applicable administrative fees;

- Number plates.

The customer will receive the number plates and the DU (Single Car Document).

Pay attention this service is really "Key-in-hand" - Do not compare with other services that run in the market that in the end will tell you to go to public bodies to do paperwork !!!


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