Spare Parts


The correct identification of a required Spare Part is the most important step for a supply to run smoothly.

In general, for any Machine of any Brand, the following information must be defined when identifying the part:

»Brand + Model + Year + Serial Number + Part Reference«

When the user does not have this information, the identification must be made based on the experience and the technical documentation that is available, but the response may take some time.

We are Specialists in:

Manitou Parts

Potain Parts

Hidromek Parts

Ammann Parts

Dulevo Parts

Mecalac Parts

Multi-brand Urban Sweeper Parts

Multibrand Parts of General Machinery

The stock available in Portugal, complemented by those of the manufacturers, allows for very high degrees of availability and for the unavailable positions, fast logistics channels are provided,

Parts can be sold over the counter or sent to collection by carriers among our partnerships.

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